Our webinar series aims to support CPD throughout the year for any primary care health professionals across Sussex.

If you would like an invite, please get in touch with EJ: e.costales@nhs.net.

Upcoming Topics

28/01/2022Oana AntonPaediatric Allergy
11/02/2022Sue MarsdenEOLC and People with Learning Disabilities

Past Topics

20/11/2020Mr Mark EdwardsVascular Surgery – An Overview
04/12/2020Mrs Scarlett McNallyExercise – The Miracle Cure
18/12/2020Mr Robert RalphChange, Grow, Live – dependence forming medications service
26/02/2021Prof Philippa EasterbrookWHO COVID Response
12/03/2021Dr Joel NewmanHaematology Update
26/03/2021CNS Kathy AbernethyHormone Replacement Therapy Update
09/04/2021Prof Nik PatelCardiology Update
07/05/2021Dr G.J. LawsonCommon Biochemistry Questions from Primary Care
21/05/2021Dr Miriam MalakLifestyle Medicine : Sleep
04/06/2021Dr Vicky SpraggonIdentification and management of cow’s milk allergy in infants
18/06/2021Helen GrovesPost Pandemic Prescribing Priorities – How and Why to Hit Your Practice Targets
02/07/2021Dr Declan CawleyPalliative Care Update
16/07/2021Aaron KnowlesA Clinician’s Guide to Lymphoedema
30/07/2021Dr Judith Sakala and Dr Tracy WardSafeguarding Cases
13/08/2021Julia PowellCommunity Pharmacy and GP’s working together to manage the pressures on the NHS
27/08/2021Dr David BarclayReSPECT process to best effect
10/09/2021Dr Lindsay HadleyPhysical health checks for people with severe mental illness (SMI)
24/09/2021Amy LynchDependence forming medications
08/10/2021Dr Nick HarveyDeveloping an e-Hub for online consultations
22/10/2021Robert RalphDependence Forming Medications
19/11/2021Helen DaviesCancer Screening for Trans and Non-Binary
17/12/2021Mathew DalyThe Shoulder Stooges – The Painful, the stiff and the wobbly
11/02/2022Mathew DalyFrom hip to cool… beyond trochanteric bursitis

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