We are excited to be launching this service to patients in our practices, accessible via a referral from your GP.

Lifestyle medicine uses evidence-based lifestyle therapeutic approaches to prevent, treat and reverse lifestyle-related chronic disease. This includes a detailed assessment looking at areas such as your sleep, emotional well-being, blood tests, weight, blood pressure etc… and tailoring the service to your needs.

We want to help you live a ‘good’ life on your terms. We want to understand what will help you and try to combine this with evidence- based practice as well as thinking outside the box in order to be able to achieve this.

By running this pilot we will be able to hear from you and others directly to help mould the service.

Dr Miriam Malak is a GP and Lifestyle Physician with the South Downs Health and Care GP Federation. She is passionate about individuals. She is hoping to be able to develop this service by really listening to what is needed. She can help in multiple areas such as sleep, diet, lifestyle, emotional well-being and movement.