20,000th Vaccination

On the 11th February South Downs Health and Care reached a momentous milestone as we celebrated vaccinating our 20,000th person – Valerie Russell (73). Accompanied by her husband Robin, Valerie was “taken aback” by now quickly the SDHC team have reached the significant number. There were plentiful smiles as the team celebrated the achievement by presenting Valerie with a bouquet of flowers and posed for photos, which later appeared in the Eastbourne Herald. Although our mission is far from over it is important to recognise the accomplishments of the hard working Clinicians, Marshalls and Administration team.

“Unbelievable. I was surrounded by kindness from the minute we got in. I think it’s absolutely marvellous so many people have been vaccinated, I haven’t had any ill effects. My flowers are beautiful I just wish I’d had my hair done. I can’t imagine a better place to have the jab, I’m 73 and was completely taken aback. You are doing a grand job.”

Valerie Russell

Pat and Margaret’s McDonalds Adventure

When Pat and Margaret’s story arose in the Eastbourne Herald one morning we at SDHC were captivated by the witty tale. Pat Forrest (89) and Margaret Collagan (85) had an adventure filled day beginning with their vaccination at the Sovereign Centre. On their journey home they decided to treat themselves to their first McDonalds. This resulted in them becoming trepidacious about what one orders at a McDonalds drive-through.. They went with a safe bet and asked for a “McDonald’s and chips”. See the quotes below regarding the pair’s experience at the Sovereign Centre.

“Everyone was so kind at the Sovereign Centre, if I needed help they all rushed to my side. It was all very organised too, couldn’t have been better.”

Pat Forrest

“The kindness of people was overwhelming. It was a wonderful experience at the centre and very well organised.”

Margaret Collagan

Dr Omar’s Story

Here at SDHC we are fortunate to have many amazing clinicians who work on the front line at our vaccination hub. As time passes we learn more and more about the motivations behind our dedicated team. One story in particular, which is truly inspiring is by Dr Omar; who has been vaccinating since Christmas and here is why:

“Last year was supposed to be the best year of my life. My wedding in the UK was cancelled twice due to the first and second lockdowns. When we decided to move our celebrations abroad in December, a day before our flight out my father caught covid-19. Three weeks later my world collapsed when my father passed away. I returned back to the UK and the very day my isolation period ended I was straight in with SDHC Vaccinating. This virus took away everything from me, and I have a personal vendetta against it. Vaccinating as many people as I can to ensure less people go through the pain I have will help me find some form of peace within. SDHC is allowing me to do this, and I am grateful to all that have made this massive challenge possible”

Dr. Omar P