Alternate Friday Lunchtime Webinars

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SDHC recognises the significance of continuous personal development for healthcare professionals and are dedicated in supporting the growth and success of healthcare professionals across Sussex.

Our Friday lunchtime webinars serve as a platform to enhance their knowledge and skills, covering a wide range of topics in various areas of healthcare.

By offering these webinars during lunchtime, SDHC ensures that healthcare professionals can conveniently access the sessions without disruption to their work schedules.


Upcoming Topics

Date Name of speaker Topic
10/05/2024 Dr Keith Grimes ChatGPT, Gemini, and Claude: An introduction to Generative AI and Healthcare
17/05/2024 Dr Lim Soon Minor Surgery in Primary Care - The good, bad and ugly
07/06/2024 Dr Olivia Hum Menopause: Sex, libido and genitourinary symptoms
21/06/2024 Caroline Marlow How to better reduce patient pain in 10 minutes 
05/07/2024     Dr John Laurie Haematological Cancer 

Past Topics

Date Name of speaker Topic
09/02/2024 Dr Nick Harvey & Dr Simon Glew N/A 
01/12/2023 Dr Greg Baginski Unexplained medical symptoms and neurological functional disorder
17/11/2023 Dr Ashish Bhatia A Humble sleep tool for practitioners
3/11/2023 Dr Indra Ramasamy MGUS (QoL study)
20/10/2023 Dr Chathanath Binodh Managing Diabetes in Care homes, old and frail, adolescents and young.
08/09/2023 Dr Judith Sakala & Jo Tomlinson Information sharing – SOR – Infant Injury Case
21/07/2023 Dr Bikram Raychaudhuri & Claire Scott Various Pathways To Weight Management
30/06/2023 Dr Richard Blakey Tackling CVD Prevention After Covid-19
19/05/2023 Mr Simon Hoskinson Elective and trauma surgery for hips
15/12/2023 Dr Neil Cripps , Dr Mathew Thomas & Rosie Hesling Lower GI Cancer – ‘How has the latest NG12 guidance changed the way we practice?
12/01/2024 Dr Matthew Pavitt & Dr Mathew Thomas Demystifying Spirometry Results

See further past topics here

Date Name of speaker Topic
14/04/2023 Dr. Raya Al-Jawaheri Dementia - Memory Assessment Pathway In East Sussex
10/03/2023 Dr Olivia Hum Menopause - diagnosis, implications and management
24/02/2023 Dr Mathew Thomas & Nathan Cavin Ardens Resources to Support the Management of Cancer Patients - SystmOne
10/02/2023 Dr Paul Frisby Diabetes: From Head To Toe
03/02/2023 Dr Soon Lim Minor Surgery in Primary Care – The good, bad and ugly
13/01/2023 Julia Powell Community Pharmacy New Services
16/12/2022 Dr Mathew Thomas & Charmaine Jackson Ardens Resources to Support the Management of Cancer Patients - EMIS system
18/11/2022 Professor Nikhil R Patel Cardiology update - ECG and case presentations
04/11/2022 Dr Oana Anton Paediatric Allergy
21/10/2022 Mr Robert Ralph Change, Grow, Live - dependence forming medications service    
11/02/2022 Sue Marsden EOLC and People with Learning Disabilities
28/01/2022 Oana Anton Paediatric Allergy
11/01/2022 Mathew Daly From hip to cool… beyond trochanteric bursitis
17/12/2021 Mathew Daly The Shoulder Stooges - The Painful, the stiff and the wobbly
19/11/2021 Helen Davies Cancer Screening for Trans and Non-Binary
22/10/2021 Robert Ralph Dependence Forming Medications
08/10/2021 Dr Nick Harvey Developing an e-Hub for online consultations
24/09/2021 Amy Lynch Dependence forming medications
10/09/2021 Dr Lindsay Hadley Physical health checks for people with severe mental illness (SMI)
27/08/2021 Dr David Barclay ReSPECT process to best effect
13/08/2021 Julia Powell Community Pharmacy and GPs working together to manage the pressures on the NHS
30/07/2021 Dr Judith Sakala and Dr Tracy Ward Safeguarding Cases
16/07/2021 Aaron Knowles A Clinician’s Guide to Lymphoedema
02/07/2021 Dr Declan Cawley Palliative Care Update
18/06/2021 Helen Groves Post Pandemic Prescribing Priorities - How and Why to Hit Your Practice Targets    
04/06/2021 Dr Vicky Spraggon Identification and management of cow's milk allergy in infants
21/05/2021 Dr Miriam Malak Lifestyle Medicine: Sleep
07/05/2021 Dr G.J. Lawson Common Biochemistry Questions from Primary Care
09/04/2021 Prof Nik Patel Cardiology Update
26/03/2021 CNS Kathy Abernethy Hormone Replacement Therapy Update
12/03/2021 Dr Joel Newman Haematology Update
26/02/2021 Prof Philippa Easterbrook WHO COVID Response
18/12/2020 Mr Robert Ralph Change, Grow, Live - dependence forming medications service
04/12/2020 Mrs Scarlett McNally Exercise - The Miracle Cure
20/11/2020 Mr Mark Edwards Vascular Surgery - An Overview

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We encourage feedback from all healthcare professional who have attended our webinars. Please use the provided link to provide your valuable input.