Carbon Reduction Plan


The NHS is working towards a ‘Net Zero’ target ‘For a Greener NHS’, and aims to be the world’s first ‘net zero’ national health service. South Downs Health and Care Limited (SDHC), as a social enterprise with a strong community focus, is dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and increasing awareness of sustainability amongst its staff as part of its Green Plan.



On mobilisation of services we use a carbon calculator to ascertain a baseline measure and identify non-clinical emission hotspots. This will inform our plan of action to decarbonise the service.


Carbon Reduction

We will reduce our carbon footprint by:

  • Using local suppliers wherever possible and finding suppliers with green credentials.
  • Encouraging staff to use public transport, cycle, walk or car share.  We are registered with the Bike2Work Scheme.  We will monitor the success of these initiatives through travel expense levels and staff behaviours.
  • Reduce travel by supporting staff to work remotely where appropriate, holding meetings by MS Teams.  Please note that our travel expenses have fallen by over 100% since 2019, and further reduction forms part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSR) policy.
  • Increasing use of digital records and electronic communications, therefore reducing our ink and paper usage.
  • Using the NHS e-referral system and emails to reduce paper and ink usage, and prescriptions being sent electronically to a pharmacy of the patient’s choice.
  • Increasing online and video consultations where appropriate, allowing patients to avoid travel to the GP Surgery.
  • Providing hubs in rural areas to reduce patient travel
  • Minimising water usage, which is monitored through our reduced water bills.

Environmentally Friendly Purchasing

We know that certain electrical appliances can consume considerable amounts of energy, for example refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, coffee makers, and onsite servers. Our central procurement experts will advise and support in purchasing goods that are environmentally friendly and, wherever possible, locally sourced.


Recycling and Reusing

We will Liaise with local recycling shops We will recycle electrical items (must be in working order) and upholstered furniture (must have fire safety labels attached). Any other items that can be recycled and reused will be. We will regularly raise awareness in our Staff Newsletter of Recyclemart, Freecycle, and Freegle UK to encourage staff to recycle goods from home as well.



We will:

  • monitor electricity, gas and water usage through quarterly bills from our Utilities Supplier.
  • Monitor ink and paper usage by compiling information from invoices.
  • Ask staff if they commuted to and from work using public transport, car share, walking etc, and monitor changes in activity.