Health and Safety Policy


Statement of Intent

South Downs Health and Care Ltd (SDHC) acknowledges and accepts the responsibilities placed on it as an ‘Employer’ by the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and other relevant legislation.

SDHC considers that a safe and healthy working environment is a prerequisite to achieving safe high quality care. SDHC provides a safe environment for its staff, patients and those who work on its behalf.

SDHC will provide and maintain a healthy and safe working environment to minimize the number of instances of occupational accidents, incidents, illnesses and near misses. Through the implementation of the Health and Safety policy and procedures, SDHC is committed to the following objectives:

  • Providing, as far as reasonably practicable, a safe and healthy working environment, safe premises and facilities for staff, patients, contractors and others who work on its behalf.
  • Maintaining the workplace in a safe condition and providing adequate facilities and arrangements for welfare at work.
  • Providing and maintaining equipment and systems of work that are safe.
  • Putting into place arrangements for ensuring safety in connection with the use handling storage and transport or articles and substances.
  • Providing information instructions training and supervision as is necessary to ensure the health and safety a work of its employees and other persons.
  • Health and safety policy, standards and management systems (including procedures and work instructions) are defined documented implemented and maintained.
  • Creating for staff as far as reasonably practicable that risks associated with travel by staff for SDHC are appropriately managed.
  • Making sure that all staff are aware of their health and safety responsibilities know what is expected of them and what they must do to discharge the responsibilities assigned to them.
  • Providing access for staff to appropriate training and development to enable them to discharge their responsibilities assigned to them competently.
  • Having an effective system for communicating and consulting on health and safety matters and securing the cooperation of staff patients and commissioners in implementing the H&S policy and procedures.
  • To have in place arrangements to plan implement monitor and review measures to address risks arising from the activities of SDHC.
  • To strive to continuously improve the health and safety performance of SDHC.
  • Ensuring the appointment of a competent person to support SDHC in meeting its statutory health and safety duties.
  • To provide sufficient resources with which SDHC can effectively discharge its duties in maintaining a healthy and safe working environment for all who work in the premises of SDHC.

SDHC review health and safety systems and procedures at least annually to ensure that they reflect the legal responsibilities associated with applicable:

  • HSE laws, regulations, approvals, licences and other legal requirements
  • International, national and regional standards
  • Industry codes and best practice
  • Contractual requirements
  • Expectations of regulators and other key stakeholders

Systems and procedures are made available to those working for and on behalf of SDHC so they are aware of their individual health and safety obligations.

SDHC is charged with implementing this policy by the use of a suitable safety management system.

SDHC seeks and expects the full cooperation and support of the whole of SDHC to ensure the health and safety policy and arrangements that are put in place to support the objectives of the policy and implemented effectively.

The Director of Clinical Services has day to day responsibilities for ensuring compliance with this policy.

This Health and Safety Policy Statement of Intent has been reviewed by the SDHC Board. This signifies the commitment of SDHC to ensuring the successful management of health and safety is of paramount importance within SDHC.

A copy of this Statement of Intent is displayed in a prominent position at SDHC premises and will be reviewed at least annually.

Dr Nick Harvey

Chief Executive, South Downs Health and Care Ltd GP Federation