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Private Services

We know that, when it comes to your health, you want to be able to see a doctor when you need to. You want to have the time to explore all your concerns thoroughly. You want to be listened to. You want continuity with a doctor of your choice. You want to feel in safe hands. You want to be in control.

That’s just what we offer at our Private GP practice in Eastbourne. Our GPs are experienced and compassionate team are dedicated to supporting you throughout your journey

We are fortunate in East Sussex to have a comprehensive National Health Service (NHS) that provides medical services to all residents. However, some people are considering the option of Private GP consultations for a variety of reasons. There are several advantages for opting for Private GP care and below we explain why it might be worth you considering using our service.

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Prompt Appointments and Reduced Waiting Times

One of the most significant benefits of our GP service is the reduced waiting time you will experience.

We have more flexibility regarding patient appointments and often benefit from short booking times, which is not always possible elsewhere. Longer appointments mean that patients have sufficient time to have their concerns heard and can discuss their proposed care plans in more depth.

Appointments are available during weekdays, in the evenings and at weekends, making them accessible for those unable to take time off from their working day, or who need help with transport to appointments. 

Personalised and Comprehensive Care

We have a smaller patient list, which allows our GPs to spend more time with you. This personalised approach means that your doctor can thoroughly assess your health, provide tailored advice, and offer a more comprehensive healthcare experience. 

Our GPs will be able to offer initial advice on any health problem you have that is not an emergency. If they don’t have the expertise, they will help you find the best place to go to get the right advice. 

Some of the things people find us helpful for include:

  • Minor ailments (minor injuries, coughs, colds, aches & pains, skin problems, etc) 
  • Supporting long term condition management 
  • Prevention of conditions 
  • Mental health problems 
  • Sleep problems 
  • Taxi Medicals 
  • Mental Capacity Assessments 
  • Health Checks: In which we undertake a full medical, including ECG, Blood Pressure, height, weight and waist measurement cholesterol testing, blood sugar level testing, lipid testing, alcohol risk score, Diabetes risk assessment.  

Extended Consultation Times

The main reason that patients seek our Private GP Service is time, and even though there is a cost associated with private appointments, patients suffering from chronic or time-sensitive illnesses consider the level of patient care they receive from our service to be more than worth the expense. 

Our GPs can allocate more time for each consultation with you, enabling them to discuss all your concerns in detail and address any questions or uncertainties you may have, without rushing. 

Access to Specialists

Our GPs have access to a network of specialists and consultants we can refer you to if necessary. This means that you can quickly access specialised care when required, without extended wait times that can be associated with NHS referrals. Alternatively, depending on your preference and budget, we can refer you to local NHS pathways.

Convenient Location and Flexibility

We are conveniently located in Hampden Park, served by a range of public transportation. You can choose an appointment at a time to suit you, for example in the evening or at weekends, which is helpful for people with busy schedules. 

Diagnostic Services

Our GPs can provide much of the same services as an NHS GP, including health checks, tests, and prescription medications. For those needing specialised care, working with one of our Private GPs can give you a sense of reassurance and security, as the extended interaction between doctor and patient typically supports a closer working relationship. 

We have on-site diagnostic services, such as blood tests and ECG’s. This means you can receive detailed results quickly and efficiently, allowing for faster diagnosis and treatment. You will be offered a follow-up appointment to discuss your results and provided with a copy of your consultations and results. 


Services we do not provide 

We want to provide the most appropriate service for our patients and for that reason there are some conditions where we believe you are better served via your own GP. These are: 

  • Maternity and obstetric care, however we can support pregnant women with other medical conditions.
  • Emergency services or crisis management. 
  • Support for people with complex mental health issues and those who may be actively suicidal. 
  • Hospital inpatients. 
  • Complex problems for which SDHC GP do not have access to required medical information e.g. specialist led care. 


We believe in making private services accessible and keep our costs to you as low as possible. We will not recommend tests or follow-ups unless genuinely required in our medical opinion. We will make our findings available to any NHS provider if you decide to transfer. As a social enterprise, we reinvest profits into our services. 

The feedback we have received from people who have used our services is that the benefits of doing so have outweighed the expense. They have commented that the convenience, reduced waiting times, and enhanced care experience has been invaluable, particularly when they and their family have sought swift and personalised medical attention. 


Our GPs 

Our GPs are fully qualified doctors who have successfully completed a minimum of 3 years speciality GP training, and who are members of the General Medical Council's GP Register. They have a minimum of 5 years’ experience as a GP. Our GPs can diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions and have the expertise and resources to provide comprehensive healthcare services. They work locally in East Sussex and therefore have a detailed knowledge of the local care pathways if you require onward referral.

Our GPs will also very willingly work alongside your own NHS GP to share consultation and test findings if you consent for them to do so.  


Can I return to NHS care after using private healthcare? 

Yes, you can switch back to NHS care at any time if you choose to do so. Our Private GP service is not an all-or-nothing commitment: you have the flexibility to alternate between Private and NHS services as needed.


Standard GP Appointments Cost
Home Visit 30 minute consultation, within 10 miles from BN22 9NQ £369.00
Home Visit 30 minute consultation, within 5 miles from BN22 9NQ £307.50
60 minute consultation £223.00
30 minute - consultation  £123.00
20 minute - consultation (follow-up only) £82.00
Additional appointment time - charged in 10 minute blocks £41.00
Other Cost
ECG £82.00
Phlebotomy - taking of bloods and results processing including report £61.50
Blood Tests - price dependent on test chosen and must be booked with Phlebotomy above POA
Medical e.g. Taxi; Mental Capacity Assessment POA
Power of Attorney Assessment POA
Joint Injections POA
Forms including travel cancellation and accident/sickness claims POA
Private Sick Notes £41.00
Letters "To whom it may concern" £41.00

Get in Touch

To schedule an appointment, you can book online. If you can't find a suitable appointment time online, please call us on 01323 402790, and we will be happy to help find a convenient time that suits you.


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