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We bring you regular experts from varying fields of health and wellbeing, interviewed by Dr Nick Harvey, of South Downs Health and Care.

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Episode 01 - A Holistic Approach to Chronic Pain

Saturday Apr 27, 2024

In this thought-provoking episode, Dr. Nick Harvey of South Downs Health and Care joins a riveting discussion with injury and pain psychology expert Dr. Caroline Marlow. The conversation focuses on understanding pain as a protective mechanism than just physical damage. Dr. Caroline outlines the biological, psychological, and social facets that contribute to pain manifestation, thereby offering a broader perspective on tackling chronic pain.

 A Holistic Approach to Chronic Pain - Listen


Topics & Discussion Points

Episode 01 - A Holistic Approach to Chronic Pain

  • 00:00:25 - The Invisible Yet Devastating Condition of Pain
  • 00:07:15 - The Damaging Belief of ”Making It Up”
  • 00:07:31 - Challenges in Overcoming Widespread Beliefs About Pain
  • 00:10:58 - Pain as a Protective Mechanism of the Brain
  • 00:14:49 - Impact of Language on Understanding and Coping with Pain
  • 00:15:19 - The Influence of Social Media on Pain Perception
  • 00:20:21 - The Complex Nature of Pain Management
  • 00:21:23 - Empathy and Precision in Communication with Pain Patients
  • 00:22:37 - The Brain’s Role in Autoimmune Conditions
  • 00:28:13 - Prevalence of Chronic Pain in the Population
  • 00:33:25 - The Impact of Stress on Pain Perception
  • 00:37:43 - Views on Pain Medications and Long-Term Use
  • 00:39:50 - Importance of Positive Messaging in Pain Management
  • 00:42:27 - Resources and Experts in Pain Neuroscience
  • 00:43:01 - Transition to the Next Podcast Episode

The Health and Wellbeing Podcast

A Holistic Approach to Chronic Pain